Benefits for advisers

We know that you will be looking for a platform that can help you ensure suitability for your clients.

At Alliance Trust Savings we offer:

  • Flexible, flat fee charging that helps you align your clients’ platform costs to those particular elements of our service that are relevant to their needs. As a point of principle we do not charge based on portfolio value – only on the basis of what it costs us to provide your client with the services they actually use – a big difference compared to most of our competitors.
  • This is combined with the platform tools and process efficiencies that you would normally expect to have access to as a forward thinking advisory business.

We know that all clients are not the same, that's why we give you flexible charging options.
  • Choosing us
  • Meeting your Needs

By choosing Alliance Trust Savings, you will benefit from

  • Face to face and telephone support from our Business Development Managers
  • Backed by an experienced and knowledgeable intermediary support team
  • Flexible adviser charging options to suit you and your clients
  • An easy to use online platform that puts you in control for your client, from straight-through online applications to model portfolios
  • Electronic re-registrations, meaning your clients remain invested throughout the transfer process

We offer solutions that have been tailored to help you meet three broad types of client need, in a cost effective way: to buy and hold, to trade regularly and to invest through a model portfolio.

We offer the core account types you would expect (SIPP, ISA, GIA and versions of each for children) along with a broad range of investments. We offer an extensive range of funds, model portfolios from a range of DFM partners and fully integrated real-time trading in UK equities, including Investment Trusts and ETFs.

Investment support tools for you come as part of the package, including access to the Distribution Technology risk-profiling tool, the ability to set up and manage model portfolios that are bespoke to your firm and a range of useful tools from Morningstar covering asset selection, fund charting and portfolio scanning and x-ray.