Adviser charging

You agree the charges with your client at account level, and, if you like, your agreement can be different for each account they hold.

Our flexible arrangement

We offer three main adviser charging options to support you and your clients.

Setting up adviser charging

As long as your firm has accepted our Terms of Business we can collect and pay any adviser charges on your behalf.

Setting up adviser charging is easy on our platform the majority of this can be done online and we do not need a client signature (although you will still need one for your own records).

We let your client know about any adviser charges you have asked us to collect. Your client's six-monthly Statement and Valuation will also detail any adviser charges paid to you in the period it covers.

You can access details of the adviser charges we have collected on your behalf at any time online.
  • Statements

We update your online records after each weekly run to collect initial or ad-hoc adviser charges and after each monthly run for renewal (ongoing) adviser charges.

Depending on your access level online you will be able to see:

  • the total amount paid to date
  • that amount split by Registered Individual
  • the amount for each client