Our platform

We combine flexible, flat fee charging with the support tools and process efficiencies you would expect from any platform in the market today.

We offer charging options tailored to help meet three broad types of client needs, in a cost effective way:

  • To buy and hold - for clients looking to hold particular investments for the longer term, trading infrequently
  • To trade regularly - for clients likely to be trading on a relatively frequent basis, within a portfolio unique to their particular situation
  • To invest through a model portfolio - for clients with needs best met by investing through a centrally managed model portfolio

Investment support tools for you come as part of the package:

  • The ability to set up and manage model portfolios that are bespoke to your firm.
  • A range of useful tools from Morningstar – covering asset selection, fund charting, a scanner to get an ‘at a glance’ understanding of a portfolio and an x-ray for more detailed analysis.
  • Coming soon: Access to the Distribution Technology risk-profiling tool, to help you in assessing both your client’s attitude to risk and their capacity to tolerate risk.

You also stand to benefit from process efficiencies:

  • Any documents you need are generated and stored automatically
  • We don’t need a client signature to accept an application, you can submit entirely online
  • You can easily download management information reports into a flexible CSV file format
  • You control access to the platform for your firm – for your employees and your clients.
i.nvest trading platform
  • Account Types
  • Back Office Integration
  • Range of Investments

We offer the core Account types you would expect:

  • Self Invested Personal Pension Account (savings and income)
  • Individual Savings Account (ISA)
  • General Investment Account (GIA)
  • Versions of each to support investing for children.

We offer functionality that means we can push information to you from our platform, for you to drop into any back office system. We also have an established data feed process for Avelo back office system users.

We also offer a wide range of investments:

  • An extensive range of funds
  • Model portfolios from a range of Discretionary Fund Manager (DFM) partners
  • Fully-integrated real-time trading in UK equities, including Investment Trusts and ETFs.