Investment options

We have a wider choice of investments than even your most demanding clients could expect.

Our investment range

This is as important for your clients in being able to find a suitable investment mix to match their particular needs as it is for you in being able to demonstrate to the FCA that your choice of platform does not put you at risk of compromising your independence. If you require access to a fund that we do not currently offer, although we can’t make any guarantees we are happy in principle to discuss the possibility of adding it to our range.

As you would expect for your client investments you (and your client, if you give them access to) can:

  • View valuations 24/7, produce reports and instruct trades online
  • Trade in real time in UK listed securities (including equities, ETFs and Investment Trusts) during market hours, with access to our in-house Dealing Desk to manage any particularly large or unusual trades you may wish to make
  • We do not aggregate listed security trades
  • We pre-fund settlement for listed security and fund trades, meaning that after an order has executed we update your client’s account ahead of settlement so that you are able to see the impact of those trades on their cash and investment positions as quickly as possible.

Each account has an inbuilt cash account through which all investments are bought and sold.
  • Managing trading

We hold your client's investments in the name of our nominee, and all trading is done in line with our Order Execution Policy (or 'best execution' policy). When it comes to trading we will normally only act on instructions from you or your client, but we do reserve the right to initiate a sale of client investments where this becomes necessary to meet either our or your charges as they fall due, or client income requests.

For all the details in this area read our Terms and Conditions for Advised Clients, which includes our Order Execution Policy.