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Model portfolios

You can access a range of model portfolios from Discretionary Fund Managers (DFMs) or build your own model portfolios if you prefer.

Comprehensive investment research, client risk assessment and portfolio rebalancing tools are also available to help provide all round support for you in meeting your client needs.

DFM model portfolios

Our DFM partners each have an excellent reputation for putting together model portfolios and managing them on an ongoing basis to meet a stated investment objective. Through our platform they can already access more than 4,000 investments for this purpose and more are being added on an ongoing basis. These are our live DFM partners at April 2017 and we have five others already signed up to go live in the coming months.
What is a DFM For each DFM’s range of Model Portfolios, asset allocation and stock selection is managed by the DFM including ongoing rebalancing as required.

Our partners each offer portfolios designed to meet different types of client needs. You select which portfolio(s) are suitable for your client and keep this under review.

Or build your own

If you prefer you can create and manage your own bespoke model portfolios, delivering the right setting for performance to match the goals and attitude to risk of your particular client bank.

To help you in this we provide:

  • Access to our asset selector, portfolio manager and x-ray tools, all provided by Morningstar
  • Functionality that quickly and easily lets you manage regular portfolio rebalancing.


It's simple to register for our Online Trading Platform. Simply complete the form below and one of our Platform Account Managers or Business Development Managers will contact you to complete the process.

Register form

Alternatively, you can contact our Adviser Support Team on 08000 326 323 for an introduction to your designated Platform Account Manager or Business Development Manager.

  • Setting up your own model portfolios

You can easily create a new model or modify an existing one through our manage model portfolios functionality.

  • Name model
  • Select the account types that you want to enable the model for (Stocks & Shares ISA, General Investment Account and/or SIPP)
  • Select the investments
  • Confirm the allocation percentage and tolerance percentage levels and save
  • Once you have saved you can then make the model active or modify.
  • You can allocate models to clients through the investor model portfolio maintenance functionality. The screens shown bring up all of the models available for use, including any created by our DFM partners that you have linked with.