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Charges and Fees

Here are all the relevant Charges and Fees relating to our Child Savings Accounts.

Charges and Fees for child savings accounts

Our Account charges cover the basic ongoing cost to us of managing an Account for you, for example, maintaining records, custody of your investments, preparing information we send to you and making reports to the relevant parties.

As your wealth grows, the charges you pay to us won’t. We charge flat fees which means we don't charge a percentage of the value of your investments. So the amounts you pay depend on the accounts you hold, the services you use and how often you use them. Not on your wealth.

Please remember the value of your investments and any income from them can go down as well as up and you may get back less than the amount you originally invested.

Alliance Trust Savings does not give advice. If you are unsure whether a product is suitable for you, you should seek professional financial advice specific to your particular circumstances.

Charges may be subject to change in the future.

Charges shown are valid from April 2018. For details of our current charges read our charges guide.

Account charges
Junior ISA Account charge £3.33 a month
First Steps IDA Account charge £3.33 a month
Child SIPP Account charge £6.65 plus VAT a month

The charges you pay to buy and sell investments depend on:

  • how you give us instructions (online, by phone or by post)
  • whether you are buying or selling on a one-off basis or have asked us to make regular investments on your behalf
  • for online and telephone deals, how long you have continuously held an Account with Alliance Trust Savings (loyalty discount).

We do not currently pay interest on cash deposits within our platform product range. Alliance Trust Savings may itself earn and retain interest on amounts which are placed on deposit. The amount of such interest may vary from time to time.

These charges apply to each individual transaction we arrange on your behalf. So if you want to ‘switch’ an investment - sell one type of investment and replace it with another - you pay one charge for the sell transaction and one charge for the buy transaction.

Dealing service charges
Buy or sell online (without any loyalty discount) £9.99 for each transaction
Buy or sell over the phone £50 for each transaction
Buy or sell by post £50 for each transaction
Regular dividend reinvestment £5 for each transaction
Regular buy (direct debit) instructed by post £5 for each transaction
Regular buy (direct debit) instructed by online monthly dealing service £1.50 for each transaction

Loyalty Discount
If you’ve continuously held an Account with us for 5 years or more, you qualify for a loyalty discount when it comes to buying or selling investments online or by telephone.
You’ve held your account for You can buy or sell online for You can buy or sell over the telephone for
5-10 years £8.99 £45.00
11-15 years £8.49 £42.50
16-20 years £7.99 £40.00
>20 years £7.49 £37.50

Foreign exchange rate
International investments are bought and sold at our standard dealing charges. Where deals are made in a currency other than Sterling, prices are converted to Sterling at a rate based on the prevailing interbank exchange rate. This is done by a specialist UK-based ‘market maker’ to get the best rates we can. We then add a fee to cover our costs in arranging this for you. Because of the way the foreign exchange market works in practice, this is the only time we have to charge you a percentage fee.
Value of trade International Trading Fee
£0 - £24,999 1.50%
£25,000 - £49,999 1.00%
£50,000 - £99,999 0.50%
£100,000+ 0.35%

Other service charges
Your Account charge covers the cost of many other Services we provide. But where Services are more complicated and can take up a lot of our time without any realistic prospect of covering costs through your Account charge (transferring investments out is a good example of this) we do ask you to pay for those.

That goes back to our flat fees philosophy. You cover the costs of the Services you use. It’s only fair.
1. Transferring in and out
Transferring products into our Platform on a like for like basis No charge
Transferring investments held in your own name into a First Steps IDA account using our Share Exchange service £40 per investment
Any transfer out from a Junior ISA Account to another provider £100 plus VAT
Any transfer out from a First Steps IDA Account to another provider £60 plus VAT
Pension transfer in of cash and/or shares (excluding investments from maturing share schemes) in a Child SIPP Account Free
Any transfer out from a Child SIPP to another Registered Pension Scheme £150 plus VAT
Any transfer out from a Child SIPP to an overseas pension scheme £200 plus VAT
Sending any money to a receiving pension scheme after a Child SIPP has been closed £50 plus VAT
Transferring an investment out into a share certificate in your name £20 per investment
2. Issuing paper documents
All paper documents including statements and valuations, contract notes and tax certificates (if appropriate)* £25 plus VAT
A one-off valuation £10 plus VAT
A paper duplicate of any document we have already issued to you, either online or in paper form £15 plus VAT

Our platform is designed to work as an online service, so we don’t charge for issuing any documents to you online.

* This charge will be taken from the fees Account by deducting £12.50 + VAT twice a year when your statement is produced, and will be taken in the following order – Investment Dealing Account, SIPP, Stocks and Shares ISA. If you hold multiple Accounts you will only be charged for one Account. We will not allocate this charge to a child Account (Junior ISA, First Steps or Child SIPP Accounts). You can choose to receive all your documents online free of charge.

3. Other one-off events
Repairing or voiding your Junior ISA when required under HMRC rules £100 plus VAT
Writing to a third party to confirm the value of your Account £30 plus VAT per letter
Making a one-off cash payment to you using CHAPS (we don’t charge for payments by cheque or BACS) £20 per payment

Investment charges

As well as our Charges and Fees, you will also pay a charge for your investments to the fund provider or investment trust.

For funds (OEICs, Unit Trusts, ETFs and Investment Trusts) the details are in the Key Investor Information Document (KIID)/Key Information Document (KID).

Look these up in our Investing Hub

Alliance Trust Savings Limited is a subsidiary of Alliance Trust PLC and is registered in Scotland No. SC 98767, registered office, PO Box 164, 8 West Marketgait, Dundee DD1 9YP; is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority, firm reference number 116115. Alliance Trust Savings gives no financial or investment advice.