Our emails are changing

Act now to avoid interruption

More clarity for you

As Alliance Trust Savings is a separate business to that of our parent Alliance Trust PLC, we’re in the process of changing our email addresses to make this clearer.

These changes will take full effect on 1 June 2019.

Actions for you

When you email us

Please make sure any emails you send us now always end with @alliancetrustsavings.co.uk – we are changing to this from alliancetrust.co.uk

If you have any of our email addresses already saved in your online contact lists or address books, please take a minute to update these too.

Frequently used emails

Here’s some of the emails that you might use and what they are changing to:

Current New
contact@alliancetrust.co.uk contact@alliancetrustsavings.co.uk
advisersupport@alliancetrust.co.uk advisersupport@alliancetrustsavings.co.uk
businessdevelopment@alliancetrust.co.uk businessdevelopment@alliancetrustsavings.co.uk
atscareers@alliancetrust.co.uk atscareers@alliancetrustsavings.co.uk
atsaccountspayable@alliancetrust.co.uk atsaccountspayable@alliancetrustsavings.co.uk

So that we can email you

Please add contact@alliancetrustsavings.co.uk and communications@alliancetrustsavings.co.uk to your safe sender list. Otherwise, after we make the change, essential information we send you about your Account and any other communications you’ve also chosen to receive through your online Preference Centre, may be moved to your spam or junk mail folder.

How to do this depends on the email you use. There is usually a Help Centre available that you can search if you are not sure what is involved.

Always stay alert for fraudulent (or ‘phishing’) emails

A phishing scam typically works by a fraudster sending out a fake email that has been designed to look like it comes from a reputable source such as ourselves. It may ask you for your security details or direct you to a fake website that asks for them so that these can be used to commit fraud.

We will never send you an email asking for your security details (your Personal ID and Password) so if you receive one don’t reply and don’t follow any instructions given, no matter how urgent they may seem. Instead, call us at 01382 5783737 or forward the suspect email to contact@alliancetrustsavings.co.uk.

To help you safeguard yourself, ActionFraud suggests a few simple steps you can take. You can find these here.

We take your security very seriously and are committed to protecting you when you use our services.

Learn more about how we protect you

Alliance Trust Savings Limited is registered in Scotland No. SC 98767, registered office, PO Box 164, 8 West Marketgait, Dundee DD1 9YP; is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority, firm reference number 116115. Alliance Trust Savings Limited gives no financial or investment advice. ‘Alliance Trust Savings’, ‘ATS’ and 'AT Savings' are all brand names of Alliance Trust Savings Limited together with the ‘Alliance Trust Savings’ logo are owned by and used with the permission of Alliance Trust PLC, the previous owner of Alliance Trust Savings Limited.