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Story published: 30 October 2018
Just five months before the UK is scheduled to officially leave the EU, Brexit continues to be a source of uncertainty for investors.

Story published: 18 October 2018
When it comes to managing our pensions, the focus tends to be on the array of workplace pots we collect from different employers.

Story published: 3 October 2018
Government sources suggest the average worker has 11 jobs during their working life1, and many will have opened pensions with at least some of those employers.

Story published: 12 September 2018
An unprecedented transfer of wealth between generations is set to take place over the coming years as more baby boomers enter retirement.

Story published: 12 September 2018
The lasting emotional impact of losing a family member or friend can often be compounded by having to manage their financial affairs.

Story published: 9 September 2018
Wide-ranging reforms to pensions tax relief may finally be on the way as the issue moves back up the agenda ahead of the Autumn Budget.

Story published: 30 August 2018
Our Investing Gender Gap special research initiative has found that, when it comes to investing, women risk being left behind, potentially putting them at a financial disadvantage in later life.

Story published: 30 August 2018
We can all potentially learn lessons from the findings of the Alliance Trust Savings’ Investing Gender Gap research initiative. Here we highlight a few practical tips to help you get more from your money, whatever your gender.

Story published: 27 July 2018
Many people will have final salary pensions, often viewed as the pensions gold standard, among the pots they have collected over their working lives.

Story published: 6 July 2018
The first half of 2018 largely continued where 2017 left off, at least as far as investors are concerned.

Story published: 6 July 2018
As 2018 has already demonstrated, politics and macroeconomics can still be relied on to impact investor sentiment and market movements.

Story published: 24 May 2018
When discussion turns to intergenerational matters, the focus is often on the difference between pensioners and teenagers today.

Story published: 27 April 2018
A new dashboard allowing people to view all their lifetime pension savings in one place will be an important tool for consumers when it is launched.

Story published: 27 April 2018
The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) recently acknowledged that for many investors, “making informed investment decisions can be hard”.

Story published: 20 April 2018
With every new tax year comes the potential to make your money go further as annual allowances and tax reliefs are reset or, in some cases, increased

Story published: 30 March 2018
The UK is due to take a step into the unknown on 29 March next year when it becomes the first major country to leave the European Union.

Story published: 30 March 2018
Measures directly affecting long-term savers and investors were absent from the Chancellor’s Spring Statement last month.

Story published: 14 March 2018
When the Chancellor triggered a review into the Inheritance Tax (IHT) system in January he was likely confident that it would be a popular move.

Story published: 14 March 2018
On the face of it, the differences between today’s retirees and the generation now entering adulthood seem vast.

Story published: 5 March 2018
Of all the themes emerging from our ongoing research into gender differences around savings and investments, one stands out – confidence.

Story published: 20 February 2018
From energy supply and mobile phones to shoes and groceries, many of us like to think we can find a good deal.

Story published: 14 February 2018
The ripples spread far and wide when construction giant Carillion collapsed in January, with investors among those left potentially counting the cost.

Story published: 8 February 2018
Ongoing pension reforms will step up a gear over the coming months, with vast numbers of people set to be impacted by two key changes.

Story published: 11 January 2018
It’s the time of year when many are making predictions about what’s ahead for investment markets and the economy.

Story published: 28 November 2017
Top of the agenda when US President Donald Trump visited South Korea in November was the threat posed by its neighbour to the north.

Story published: 23 November 2017
As widely expected, Philip Hammond’s first Autumn Budget focused on measures to support the Government’s vision of a prosperous, inclusive and innovative post-Brexit Britain.

Story published: 17 November 2017
The launch of Apple’s iPhone 8 in September was keenly awaited by investors and customers around the world.

Story published: 14 November 2017
The rise of mobile technologies and social media has had a big effect on the way we talk to each other and the subjects we discuss.

Story published: 10 November 2017
Mounting political pressure could produce an eye-catching Budget as the Chancellor seeks to bolster the Conservative party after it lost its parliamentary majority in June.

Story published: 10 November 2017
Being your own boss can offer many benefits. It’s often rewarding and provides many people with greater freedom and flexibility in their work.

Story published: 3 November 2017
We are happy to announce that Alliance Trust Savings took top prize in the ‘Best Customer Service’ category at the 2017 Shares Awards held last night in London.

Story published: 24 October 2017
Investors are digesting the possible implications of a rise in borrowing costs amid speculation that the first interest rate rise for more than a decade could be on the cards.

Story published: 17 October 2017
The National Congress of the Communist Party of China opens in Beijing on 18 October amid rare negativity around the country’s economic outlook.

Story published: 11 October 2017
Investments that support income and global diversification are in demand on the Alliance Trust Savings platform this year.

Story published: 11 October 2017
There can be a temptation to assume our mid-life years will be a time of stability, especially when it comes to our finances.

Story published: 26 September 2017
Cuts to the amount that pension savers can contribute to their pension after accessing their pot, and to the tax-free dividend allowance, have been confirmed by the government.

Story published: 20 September 2017
Unknowingly, UK women are putting their financial futures at risk. That’s the conclusion of the second white paper published as part of Alliance Trust Savings’ Investing Gender Gap research initiative.

Story published: 19 September 2017
Seventy years after gaining independence, India has one of the largest and fastest growing economies in the world.

Story published: 15 September 2017
When planning for the future, there used to be one thing savers could bank on - the age at which they could collect their state pension.

Story published: 15 September 2017
One upside of getting your financial plans in order is the potential to avoid money mistakes, like taking too little risk when time is on your side.

Story published: 29 August 2017
Equities, bonds, property and cash are commonly-held investments in personal portfolios. But for those who like to dip into less conventional areas, there are numerous possibilities - and potential risks.

Story published: 28 August 2017
Alliance Trust Savings is excited to be supporting the 14th Discovery Film Festival, Scotland’s international film festival for young audiences.

Story published: 22 August 2017
Predictions of an end to the bull run in global bond markets, which has now lasted for 35 years, have previously proven premature.

Story published: 15 August 2017
Last month, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) published its Asset Management Market Study and the implications were wide-ranging.

Story published: 8 August 2017
When Russia hosts the football World Cup in 2018, could it be with an economy once again heading in the right direction?

Story published: 28 July 2017
In the summer of 2007 it became clear something wasn’t quite right in the markets, and the events that began to unfold then have had lasting effects – some far more positive for investors than might have been expected.

Story published: 18 July 2017
You’ve looked at the investment objectives and process, checked the costs and charges and you’re satisfied that the fund is suitable for you.

Story published: 11 July 2017
Sterling and stock markets dropped sharply in the wake of the EU referendum last summer, but both were relatively quick to stabilise.

Story published: 4 July 2017
2016 was the year of the Rio Olympics and the year in which Brazil’s president was removed from office following an impeachment trial.

Story published: 15 June 2017
More men say they are mainly responsible for financial decisions, while more women say they make joint decisions with their partners.

Story published: 12 June 2017
The practice of principle-based investing has become mainstream in recent years as the ethical investment sector has continued to grow.

Story published: 2 June 2017
Savers steering clear of stock market investments in the hope of avoiding losses could be at risk of paying a long-term price for their caution.

Story published: 2 June 2017
The introduction of pensions freedom and choice in 2015 has given investors far greater flexibility when taking money out of pension pots.

Story published: 23 May 2017
The first months of 2017 offered signs of change in the performance of major economies.

Story published: 16 May 2017
Paper shares may feel something of an anomaly in a digital world where investment transactions are almost always paperless. Yet it’s thought that millions of people still hold physical share certificates.

Story published: 15 May 2017
Alliance Trust Savings is proud to be a founding member of a ground-breaking new project called KickStart Money.

Story published: 2 May 2017
Relatively low inflation and interest rates have become a fact of life for investors in recent years, but are things beginning to change?

Story published: 28 April 2017
If you’re anxious about what impact the upcoming UK election will have on markets, you don’t have to look too far into the past for reassurance.

Story published: 28 April 2017
In a changing world, diversifying investments across different countries and regions may be worth considering for those in search of a regular income

Story published: 18 April 2017
In 2005 the Pensions Commission published its landmark report on the future for pensions in the UK1. But how is that future shaping up today?

Story published: 11 April 2017
Spreading your money across different investments can help to spread your exposure to risk and increase your opportunity for reward.

Story published: 9 March 2017 (Updated 28 March 2017)
Aside from announcing a cut in the tax-free Dividend Allowance from £5,000 to £2,000 in the 2018/19 Tax Year, Philip Hammond’s first (and last) Spring Budget brought little in the way of news for savers and investors.

Story published: 24 March 2017
We are pleased to announce that for the year ending 31 December 2016 we have delivered a profit on continuing business before non-recurring expenses of £1.242m. Operating income also grew 57.9% to £21,627k.

Story published: 14 March 2017
March is bonus season for many employees. Payouts vary considerably, but all offer an opportunity to improve your financial security.

Story published: 3 March 2017
The first of this year’s two Budgets will be unveiled on 8 March, in a political environment that points to a cautious presentation offering few giveaways.

Story published: 7 February 2017
In the days of a ‘job for life’, keeping track of your pension was straightforward. Now, on average, people have had 11 jobs by the time they retire and many will have paid into pensions through several employers.

Story published: 31 January 2017
With just two months to go until the tax year end, it’s a good time to review your savings, investments and pensions, making sure you’re taking advantage of all the tax benefits available to you.

Story published: 29 January 2017
The ability of corporate bonds to provide both a reliable income and potential for long-term growth has made them a popular option for investors.

Story published: 29 January 2017
Funds investing mainly in smaller companies were widely considered vulnerable to the fallout from the EU referendum in June.

Story published: 17 January 2017
As we approach Friday’s US presidential inauguration, more clues have been emerging as to how President Trump will manage the economy.

Story published: 6 January 2017
If 2016 was the year of political surprises and change, 2017 is shaping up to be the year where the effects of these become clear to investors.

Story published: 6 January 2017
As the big political events of 2016 unfolded, there was vast speculation over what they might mean for stock markets.

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