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You want your wealth to grow not your account charges

Junior ISA

What is a Junior ISA?

  • A Junior ISA is a tax efficient savings vehicle, that lets you invest up to £4080 for the 2015/16 tax year for the benefit of a child.
  • All cash and investments held in a Junior ISA belong to the child
  • The Account is held in the name of the child, but all investment decisions or instructions are given by a ‘registered contact
  • The ‘registered contact’ for a Junior ISA is usually the parent or an adult who has parental responsibility for the child account holder
  • In normal circumstances, withdrawals are not permitted until the child is 18
  • There is no capital gains tax liability within a Junior ISA and there is no further tax to pay on dividends
  • There is no need to declare any gains or income received in the Junior ISA to HMRC
  • The annual limit will rise in line with the consumer prices index from April 2016

Alliance Trust Savings offer a Stocks and Shares Junior ISA

Why choose Alliance Trust Savings?

Our Junior ISA has been developed by the award winning team behind our Stocks and Shares ISA. We have recently been highly commended by the Moneywise Children's Savings Awards 2014 – Best Junior ISA Investment Scheme.

Moneywise Children's Savings Awards 2012 – Best Junior ISA Investment Scheme.

Our Stocks and Shares Junior ISA gives you a wide range of investment choices including:

  • Over 2100 funds from over 60 UK fund managers
  • All UK listed:
    • Equities
    • Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
    • Gilts
    • Fixed Interest Securities
    • Investment Trusts

Child Trust Funds (CTF's)

Good news about Child Trust Funds (CTF), the 6 million children who already have CTF's can now transfer their CTF to a Junior ISA. The registered contact for the CTF has to make the request.

A CTF transfer will not count as a new subscription to the Junior ISA, so once you have transferred you should be able to make further subscriptions to your child's Junior ISA as per the allowance each tax year (up to £4,080 in the 2015/16 tax year). This is in addition to any contributions you have made to your CTF.

Lost track of your child’s Child Trust Fund?

Most children born between 1 September 2002 and 3 January 2011 were eligible for a Child Trust Fund (CTF). If your child was eligible and you didn’t do anything at the time, then the Government would have invested for you.

If you’ve lost track of your child’s CTF, use the Government’s form to locate it – please follow this link, if you require any assistance please do not hesitate to contact our Client Services on 01382 573737.

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Special offer - This year, we're sweeping away our Junior ISA account charges

Throughout 2015, we’re waiving our Junior ISA account charges, meaning you could save up to £30 over the year. And, even though you can only transfer the CTF balance after legislation has been passed, you can open a Junior ISA right now in order to get the ball rolling.

  • Consolidating your account means you have the potential to save on costs with one administration charge
  • We have a large range of Investments to choose from
  • We offer a range of Child accounts
  • When JISA matures it is easily transferred to an adult ISA
  • Div re-investment option
  • Free research facility via our research partner Morningstar
  • Access your account online 24/7

Low quarterly account charge

All accounts have a quarterly administration charge of £10. Our Table of Charges provides full details.

Other charges may apply. Our Table of charges are available to view via the links on the right

Please note our charges are guaranteed until 2016 but may be subject to change thereafter.

Who can apply?

Saving for a child

You can open a Junior ISA if you are a UK resident aged 16 or over and wish to save for the benefit of a child resident in the UK. You must be the child’s parent or legal guardian.

Saving for yourself

You can open a Junior ISA if you are a UK resident aged 16 or over but have not yet reached your 18th birthday.

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Withdrawals from Junior ISA

  • No withdrawals until the child is 18
  • Withdrawals are permitted in the event of ill health (terminal illness) or death of the child

How do I apply?

The quickest and easiest way to apply for an Alliance Trust Savings Stocks and Shares Junior ISA is online.

Before making any decision you should read our Junior ISA Key Features and our Table of Charges.

Before you apply you'll need to make sure that you have:

  • Childs name and date of birth
  • Bank account details for setting up a Direct Debit if you intend to set up a Direct Debit

Apply Now

If you already have an account with us simply log in now and apply online.

Login now

You can also apply by post. Simply complete the Application form and return it to:

Alliance Trust Savings Limited
PO Box 164
8 West Marketgait

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When you open a Stocks and Shares Junior ISA with us, we'll send you a password and Personal ID so that you can use our online service.

Our online service is easy to use and enables you to:

  • Manage your Junior ISA investments
  • View valuations
  • View all the assets held within the Junior ISA
  • Buy and sell individual holdings*

*Charges will apply. Find out more about our online service.

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Risk Statement

Please remember the value of your investments and any income from them can go down as well as up and you may get back less than the amount you originally invested. All investments carry an element of risk which may differ significantly. If you are unsure as to the suitability of any particular investment or product, you should seek professional financial advice. Tax rules may change in the future and taxation will depend on your personal circumstances. Charges may be subject to change in the future.