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The Investing Gender Gap

We want to help as many people as possible take control of their finances and make the most of their money. Including both women and men.


Understanding the divide

One of our guiding values at Alliance Trust Savings is that investment services like ours should be accessible to all. Yet our current customer base is predominantly male.

Why is this? Is it about men having more money than women? Or are the reasons broader than that? Do men and women see the world differently when it comes to their finances? Are their respective priorities aligned or not? What financial behaviours do they each display?

As part of our special Investing Gender Gap initiative, launched in June 2017, we’ll be surveying over 8,000 people nationwide to find the answers. The outputs of our research will be four White Papers where we’ll explore the real issues and, we hope, stimulate a positive and constructive debate.

By better understanding the investing gender gap, we can find ways to respond on a practical level – ultimately making our services more accessible for women and for men.

Issue 2: financial confidence

Our second White Paper looks at financial confidence. What types of risks are men and women prepared to take with their money? And what might it mean for their financial futures? We also review where people are spending their money and why - have there been any changes since Issue 1?

Key Findings

Key findings infographic

Download White Paper

For all the facts, figures and analysis, download your free copy of our Investing Gender Gap White Paper: Issue 2 now.

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Research conducted by Boring Money.


Previous issue

Who's in control? Who does what when it comes to making financial decisions, and how do they feel about it?


Coming next

The cost issue. When it comes to saving and investing, how much do women and men understand about the costs? And are they shopping around to get the best deal?


In the community

We recognise the importance of being a good corporate citizen and are proud to be a founding member of a ground-breaking new project called KickStart Money. Working alongside 15 other leading UK financial services companies and the Tax Incentivised Savings Association (TISA), we’re delivering much needed money skills to thousands of schoolchildren across the UK.

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