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KickStart Money Helping create a better future


Many money habits are developed at primary school age, but the reality is that parents and teachers often lack the confidence to teach these.

With a shared goal of contributing an initial investment of £1 million to take financial education to nearly 18,000 children in 100 primary schools across the UK, KickStart Money is an industry commitment to making a difference.

KickStart Money’s primary delivery partner is the highly-respected and award-winning charity MyBnk.

The project has already been recognised by the Money Advice Service, as one of 58 winning projects chosen from 400 applications to receive funding as part of their What Works Fund.

By working together, we believe we can help create better financial futures for a generation. A future with more.

Hoping to lead by example and ensure that every child, not just those we can reach through this project, has the skills they need to succeed in life, Alliance Trust Savings and our partners strongly support calls for financial education to become a compulsory element of the Primary National Curriculum.

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Source: Money Advice Service - The Financial Capability of Children and Young People (November 2016)

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KickStart Money is delivered by MyBnk, whose programmes have been independently evaluated and proven by the Money Advice Service.

Co-designed by young people and complemented by teacher resources and homework challenges, MyBnk uses trained experts from education, finance and drama to deliver sessions that apply learnings to the real world.

Sessions include:

  • My Money: Value and importance of money, where money comes from, personal relationship with money.
  • My Choices: Spending, shopping, prioritising, needs and wants, budgeting, self-reflection.
  • My Future: Planning for the future, saving, earning money, money motivation and vision-based goal setting.

MyBnk’s unique and engaging activities teach young people to become informed consumers, savvy savers and mindful spenders – by making finance fun.


“Learning about the basics of money is essential if we want to build a more financially literate nation.”

Lord Hutton

“This collaboration is truly ground breaking as it brings together some of the biggest players in the industry to tackle one of the greatest challenges of our time.”

Jane Goodland, KickStart Money Project Lead

“Starting early, talking about money, playing games and imagining the future makes money fun, real and can do
so much to form good habits early."

Guy Rigden, CEO MyBnk

“The insights from this project, focused on young children, will be vital in helping to deliver interventions that we know make a real difference”

David Haigh, Director of Financial Capability at the Money Advice Service


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For more information about the KickStart Money project or for media enquiries, please contact info@kickstartmoney.co.uk.

If you are a teacher or parent and interested in finding out how you can get Money Twist in your primary school, you can email MyBnk at info@MyBnk.com.