At Alliance Trust Savings we feel that everyone should have equal access to our products and services.

Font sizes

If you should need to increase the font size of your screen for Microsoft Internet Explorer, go to View, Text Size and then choose your desired size. Alternatively most modern browsers will allow you to zoom in and out by holding the “Ctrl” key and “+” or “-“or by scrolling the scroll pad on your mouse.

Screen readers

We have designed our website so our pages can be read by screen readers including tables containing information regarding charges.


Our website has been designed to be responsive to whichever device it is viewed on, e.g. if it is viewed on a tablet or phone the screen and text size will adjust so the whole page is viewable on this device.

Links to external websites

In some places on our website, we will provide links which go to external websites. Alliance Trust Savings are not responsible for the content for any website out with our own.