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We know that assessing individual suitability for each client is a complex process that needs a lot of experience and skill. We know you won’t put clients into something that isn’t right for them.

We also know that working with multiple platforms often creates inefficiencies. That’s why we offer genuine choice and flexibility when it comes to meeting different investment needs for your clients. You’re able to do what’s right for your clients, in a way that works for you and your business.


Two investment propositions to choose from

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  • For clients whose needs can be met by investing through funds.
  • Supporting firms offering a centralised investment proposition based around one or more funds, including model portfolios of funds.
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  • For clients who may need to invest in listed securities as well as (or instead of) funds.
  • Offering access to investment trusts, ETFs, equities and bonds, with integrated real-time online trading during market hours.

Whichever investment proposition you choose for a client, we offer the same, flexible range of Account types to invest through and the same competitive, flat Account charge options.

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Flexible charging

For your clients

We offer different charging solutions to suit different client needs. You can choose the most appropriate solution for each individual account your client holds with us.

Our charges

For you

The flexibility we offer around adviser charging also means you’re always in control to agree the most appropriate remuneration structure between you and your client.

You can set different charge levels and shapes for each account your client holds to match the work involved, and we can support:

  • Initial charges as a % of Account value or a fixed amount (£)
  • One-off charges as a % of Account value or a fixed amount (£)
  • Monthly ongoing charges as a % of account value or a fixed amount (£).

Get the big picture

We know it’s vital you do your due diligence when choosing which platform to use. To help with your decision, take a look at Your Business and the Alliance Trust Savings Platform. The ins and outs of our proposition in a single document.

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To find out more about how Alliance Trust Savings could help you meet the needs of your practice, or to arrange a platform demo, please contact our Adviser Support Team.

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