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Are you a looking for a platform that can help you build a flexible and scalable funds-based investment proposition for your client base? Alliance Trust Savings can help.

Through our Funds investment proposition you can access a range of model portfolios from our panel of Discretionary Fund Managers (DFMs) or build your own model portfolios if you prefer.

Comprehensive investment research, client risk assessment and portfolio rebalancing tools are also available to help provide all round support for you in meeting your client needs.


DFM Model portfolios

  • You contract with the partner DFM
  • They arrange your access to their models
  • DFM manages the models on-platform
  • You simply add/remove DFM models for clients as required

Make and manage your own

  • You set up your own models
  • You set who in your practice can access them for clients
  • You manage your models on platform, including bulk rebalancing with ease
  • Your advisers simply add/remove your models for clients as required

DFM model portfolios

Our DFM partners are recognised for putting together model portfolios and managing them on an ongoing basis to meet a stated investment objective. Through our funds investment proposition they can already access more than 2,700 funds from over 100 fund managers for this purpose and more are being added on an ongoing basis. Below is our current line up of partners at December 2019.

EQ Investors

EQ Investors (EQ) is an award-winning, boutique wealth manager providing investment management services to individuals, small businesses and charitable endowments on behalf of the financial advisers we work with. We are committed to excellence, not in trying to be the biggest. EQ Investors is also a founding B corporation in the UK, believing in business as a force for good.


EQ specialises in sustainable and impact investing, providing solutions which not only deliver a return but are also committed to making a positive contribution to society or the environment. The EQ Positive Impact Portfolios are a range of sustainable and impact investment solutions suitable for retail investors. They are designed for clients who want to go beyond ethical or social 'avoidance strategies'. There are seven risk profiles available on the Alliance Trust Savings platform.


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For further information, please contact:
Damien Lardoux, Portfolio Manager
020 7488 7181

FE Investments

FE Investments takes a risk first approach to client investments, believing if we look after the risk, returns will take care of themselves. Our portfolios are constructed using our proprietary optimisation technology, which looks to maximise diversification, which we believe is the only thing we can consistently target that will improve returns. This produces low conviction portfolios, that maximise market exposure for any given level of risk. The proposition is fully integrated into FE Analytics and is designed to empower advisers by providing clear jargon free reporting that can be passed onto the end investor.

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For further information, please contact:
Josh Pedlar
020 7534 7628

LGT Vestra

Since 2008, LGT Vestra has been committed to offering clients a fresh approach to wealth management, with a service that is as individual as they are. By drawing together in-depth knowledge and experience from across the industry, LGT Vestra provide a flexible, bespoke service adapted to each of their clients’ needs. LGT Vestra do not manufacture and sell in-house products and they do not have product sales targets.


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Countless advisers know Morningstar as a leading provider of independent investment research, but less realise Morningstar Investment Management Group manages more than US$207 billion in assets under management and advisement (at 30 September 2018).

In fact, Morningstar Investment Management Europe, through its Managed Portfolio unit, creates investment solutions that combine award-winning research and global resources with proprietary Morningstar data.

Drawing from their global resources, Morningstar use objective research from Morningstar to create a range of portfolio options for clearly defined risk profiles. Each portfolio is built for the long term and managed with a keen eye on risk. Morningstar combine risk profiling, renowned asset-allocation research, shrewd investment selection and professional investment expertise in their Morningstar Managed Portfolios.

  • Active portfolios use a valuation-driven asset allocation and active management to deliver outcomes. They span equities, fixed-income and alternative investments, providing exposure to a broad range of return drivers that can be weighted according to Morningstar’s expectations for risk and returns.
  • Income portfolios are intended to provide a stable income in the context of attractive risk-adjusted returns. By focusing on income stability (not just the current yield), Morningstar’s service can provide realistic and risk-aligned income portfolios you can use as part of a long-term investment plan for your clients.
  • Passive portfolios are the purest reflection of Morningstar’s asset-allocation strategy. Because of their straightforward composition, passive investments do not face the same possibility of investment style drift as vehicles under active management. Morningstar’s passive series features exact expressions of their asset-allocation targets for each risk level.

Morningstar also support financial advisers in a myriad of ways. Together, Morningstar’s platform-based discretionary portfolios can help enhance your investment offerings, strengthen client relationships and streamline your business. Morningstar’s ambition is to bring your clients the best of both worlds: a plan that you’ve tailored to their goals with the advantages of professional portfolio management.

Finally, Morningstar’s portfolios are supported by access to Morningstar’s risk tolerance questionnaire, regular detailed reports and a dedicated adviser support team.


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For further information, please contact:
Morningstar Adviser Support
0203 107 2930

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PortfolioMetrix provides discretionary investment management services to leading financial advisers and private wealth managers. The business is designed to confer a material competitive advantage that places advisers at the forefront of developments in financial planning and wealth management.

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For further information, please contact:
Dave Chessell UK Distribution Director
0203 286 0876

Rowan Dartington

Rowan Dartington Intermediaries are a division of Rowan Dartington who specialise in providing discretionary portfolio management exclusively to clients of financial advisers; providing a well-established proposition and a professional discretionary managed service to the financial advice proposition for more than 26 years.

The Collective Portfolio Service comprises 6 risk graded portfolios in addition to an ethical portfolio, each having a different combination of the different assets classes, (i.e. cash, fixed interest, equities and alternatives such as property or commodities); with pre-defined risk allocations which align to industry recognised risk profiling tools.

All of Rowan Dartington’s factsheets and brochures can be found on their website.

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For further information, please contact:
Kaya Pinnock
0117 321 0846


Tatton is a Discretionary Fund Manager, they are only available through UK-based independent financial advisers, operating purely on retail platforms. Tatton work exclusively with financial advisers. They are the partners of the Financial Adviser firms they work with, with a market-leading charge of 0.15% per annum, Tatton is accessible to many investors.

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For further information, please contact:
020 7139 1470

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